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Lifestyle newborn photography is so close to my heart, because it captures real life… moments that you can feel. Handsome baby Jaxson joined his family a couple of days after Valentines day and is quite the little love. I couldn’t wait to document this chapter of life for his family!

boise newborn photography

Ashley is not only my sister-in-love, but one of my best friends and a fabulous mom. I love living vicariously through her, watching and learning as she is now a mom to two under 2. So I had to ask…how is the transition from one to two?! She was so sweet to take the time to share some mama-wisdom with us. Her transparency is so refreshing and appreciated.

So here’s a peek into their life! Ashley’s encouraging thoughts are throughout moments from their lifestyle session <3
boise newborn photography

Two Under 2 | Adventures in Mama-hood

“The last few weeks have been a blur of interrupted sleep, 2am diaper blowouts, and seemingly endless nursing all while juggling the schedule and demands of a tenacious, energetic toddler….and I love it. How could that be? How could someone love spending every minute taking care of someone else and surrendering almost every ounce of order, predictability, personal desires, and sleep?

When God is at the center of our mothering, there is beauty, order, peace, joy, and honor, and dignity to be found, by His grace.” -Leslie Ludy.
“It didn’t take me long to realize that if I tried to rely on my own strength in my role as a mother I was going to fail. Having another baby just made that even more obvious. This wasn’t a disappointing discovery though! In fact, I was overjoyed! Instead of trying to do it all on my own I could find strength, grace and even energy by turning to Him.”

Now I’m not saying that choosing this attitude day after day is easy. Being a mom is HARD. In fact, today was “one of those days” for me. My baby boy fought a nap for hours and nursing seemed to be the only thing that would comfort him. With my hands obviously tied, my 21-month old girl was either decorating the kitchen floor with millions of cheerios or filling the toilet with socks I just pulled out of the dryer. I felt the strong desire to escape from it all. But then I remembered that motherhood is a sacred privilege, and I believe it when mothers of grown babies say that we will miss these days.

“There will be plenty more of those crazy days to come, and I know I won’t always handle it the way I should. But I do have the choice, everyday, to see beauty in the chaos. Through prayer and obedience to His plan, there is victory and joy in this beautiful role he has given me… and you!”- Ashley C

Two under 2

Jaxson was all dressed up in his striped sweater and fleece khakis, his thick dark hair contrasting his bright blue eyes. Austyn was so sweet to help brush his hair. He confided in me that Austyn does all of his styling 😉

Then there was Austyn, his blonde-haired, blue-eyed spunky sister who is a little firecracker. Man that girl is funny. 

She loved zooming around in her pink overalls, recalling animal sounds at blazing speed. Her daddy Michael would chase her, scoop her up onto his back and she just ate it up! Her eyes just sparkled and danced as they adventured together.

And this nursery… Ashley has the gold Midas decorating touch. I’m serious. She just has a vision and whabam it’s gorgeous! You can see more of her artistic genius at her vintage rental business Blush Creek.

These teeny little toes and fingers. He snuggled right up and fell asleep. Seriously such a handsome little fellow!

Jaxson was so happy with his mama Ashley snuggling him and his two doggies sleeping at her feet.  Austyn happily plopped down into her daddy’s lap as he read her “The Little Blue Truck”, one of her favorite books. Sunshine poured in through their windows and warm candles flickered on their shelf. Their home was so full of love, it was such a joy capturing these sweet moments for them.

Two under 2

Wanting to capture this chapter of your life? Read more about our Lifestyle newborn sessions here.  we’d love to chat with you! Contact Audrey here.

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  • annabel BarnesMarch 9, 2015 - 5:58 pm

    Must read for all mothers, my heart was so touched to proud of young mothers investing in children.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren WMarch 10, 2015 - 7:13 pm

    Love the lifestyle images! And his hair is amazing!ReplyCancel

  • rochelle gloagMarch 10, 2015 - 10:09 pm

    THAT HAIR!! oh my goodness what a handsome little man, I just love lifestyle sessions like this, I feel like I am in the room with them and if I close my eyes I can smell that sweet newborn goodness! amazing <3ReplyCancel