Sunset Engagement Photos | Marcus + Kristen

Sunset Engagement Photos | Marcus + Kristin

One of my absolute favorite types of sessions is sunset engagement photos. There’s just something about two people, giddy in love, the warm sun setting, and the lake shimmering in the background that’s just magical. So let’s back up a little bit. Marcus is my brother-in-law. My husband Matthew is one of four brothers, and Marcus is the youngest. He is one of the most laid back, love-able, and good natured people you’ll ever meet. He brought this gorgeous and smart girl home one Sunday and all of us were like NIIIICE Marcus. He did good. Really good. Him and Kristen just get each other. They laugh, they hunt, they fish. I’m from Montana so I can definitely appreciate a down-to-earth, intelligent girl joining the family 🙂

We couldn’t be happier for these two and are so excited to welcome Kristin to the Choate family! Thank you for trusting us to take your engagement photos and to capture this chapter of your love story!


We are boutique Boise Lifestyle Photographers and Boise Wedding Photographers that are based out of Nampa, Idaho. We capture life in a candid and photo journalistic way. We take a limited amount of sessions every month to ensure our clients receive the best care! We love using nature light to tell your story in a beautiful and natural way. From planning the session to designing a gorgeous keepsake for you to take home, we are with you through the entire journey. Documenting your family’s life is what we love to do.

If you’re looking for a Boise photographer we’d love to chat with you! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to comment below, hearing from you is the best!

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