Our Story

Hello! I'm Audrey. Thanks for stopping by! I wish we were chatting on the porch, but for now, here's a little bit about us.

When I first met my guitar-playing, Kansas-raised husband Matthew, his adventurous spirit stole my heart. Now there's a whole crew of us! We have two littles, Isla & Silas + our crazy dog Mr. Gus.

You're likely to find us out back, kids sailing high in the tire swing or having a campfire. For us, life is about community, Jesus, & soaking in the everyday. We love meeting new people & hearing their stories. We'd love to hear yours!

We believe in capturing moments that you can feel.

It's always the candid moments that are our favorite, the naturally beautiful, imperfect, snapshot of our lives. So that's my heart to capture that for you. So that you can see these images in the future, take a deep breath and be transported back.

Hi I’m Audrey

I'll be your Photographer, sounds official but basically we get to hang out & swap stories

-Grew up in the Bitteroot Valley in Montana- fishing, playing tennis and camping

-Likes Marshmellows in my Yogurt, Mountain Biking, The Gym & Baking Deliciousness

-Grew up Garage Saling and it's a Friday Morning ritual I love

I’m Matthew

I've been photographing weddings with Audrey the past 6 years, so if you have a 2nd shooter in your collection, I'll be there!

-Grew up in a tiny town in Kansas

-My first car was an old limousine that ended up getting totaled while sitting on the side of the highway. This is how he paid his first college semester's tuition.

-Other than photography I do custom house renovations. You can find me in my Carharts on the jobsite listening to the Oldies station.

This is Our Family

We are the Choates!

-We believe in living simply, fresh air, strong coffee, hard work, being silly, dance parties, & adventures.

We just finished a 3 year full-house renovation project on our 1930's home

-We love Jesus! We are so thankful for our Savior and the hope, joy and purpose through Him.
-We eat about 90% of our meals as a burrito. It's tradition.