Collection Info

All of our collections come with lovingly hand-picked and edited digital images for you to share and print. We also offer beautiful tangible keepsakes such as flush mount albums, gallery wrap canvas and lustre coated prints.

From the planning and dreaming stages, to delivering your gorgeous products, we are a boutique studio that walks with you through the full experience! 

Lifestyle Collections

Our Sessions start at $350

All Collections include:

-Audrey as the photographer

-Beautifully edited digitals with printing rights

-A gorgeous online gallery where you can share and download your photos

Contact us for a full PDF!

Wedding Collections

For the 2018 season we are currently only booking small, local, End of Summer & Fall Weddings. Please email us if you have any questions or would like more info. Thanks!

What We See

When your photographer steps behind the camera, we see you through our lens. Not just the camera lens, but we see you through our eyes and our heart.

Sure each artist has their own way they use light, and composition, but we truly believe that what matters are the interactions. The moments. So here is our heart, and what we see when we look through our lens.


One thing about our family, is that we love fiercely. We always joke about the 3 point goodbyes after family get-togethers. There's the hugs inside, then at the car, then the final waves from the road.

When I'm capturing weddings, my heart is just exploding as I'm capturing those long glances and the excitement of marrying your best friend. I married my best friend as well, and I look for all of the special little moments. 

Now that I'm a mama to two little ones, my lens and heart are drawn to the deep ties between families. Whether it's a first dance at a wedding or for toddler clinging to his mom's legs.


Each person and every family has their own culture, and we want to capture that for you! Whether you like to sit back and take beauty in, or if you're out creating your own fun, we love it. Hey, just do your thing.

Here at the Choates, we are easy-going, silly and quirky. We frequently play make believe with the kids, play tag in the yard and have dance parties.

It's our personalities that makes us unique! We encourage you to kick off your shoes and let your hair down during your session. We believe capturing everyone's uniqueness is priceless. So we do our best to create and be an atmosphere where you can be yourself!

Beauty in the Everyday

We believe that there is so much beauty in the everyday. Even if it seems mundane, it's the simple things that we will want to look back years from now and treasure.

I didn't realize it until we had our daughter. As she started to grow up, I realized that the adorable "squish face" smile and wanting to wear hats everyday would suddenly disappear into the next phase. So each chapter, this current season is priceless.

We take the time to document the details and all these moments with fresh eyes. The family dog, the front of your house, where everyone sits. As ordinary as this may seem, these photos will be priceless to you and especially your kids, in the future.