Boise Engagement and Couples Photography—Tell your Love Story

Love is in the air! Whether you are newly engaged or are two lovebirds in the Boise area, Raft Media can’t wait to tell your love story! Did you meet at a concert (like my husband and I did!), or were you riding bikes by the river? How do you spend your time together? Taking walks or going on picnics? Playing Scrabble or coffee dates? Winter is a beautiful time to snuggle up with your sweetheart and let us tell your love story! Contact Audrey to book your session! Winter pricing can be found below. Looking forward to meeting you!

What is my Love Story?

Matthew is a bearded, heart-of-gold man from Kansas. I’m a small-town, creative, outdoors-girl from Montana! The first time we met we were at a Tyrone Wells concert on the Grove in Boise, ID. I was so nervous to meet him but once I saw his sly grin and was put at ease by his easy sense of humor I knew this was a keeper. From mountain biking & going to the ER on our first date to backpacking & shooting weddings together, I have met the love of my life. He proposed to me at the very place we met at Christmas time and we both couldn’t help but cry our hearts were so full of joy. He challenges me to love people more, adventure more & to make space in my life to breathe. I can’t wait to keep writing our story together. I would love to hear yours!




Sarah T - Now I need to know the first date story! An ER trip?? Thanks for sharing!

Tina Beckett - Beautiful photos! Looks like a great deal just in time for Valentines Day :)

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Katherine Weeks - ER trip on the first date? Now you KNOW there has to be more of a story behind that….

Dawniele Castellanos - what a beautiful story. Its awesome that you share it and connect with your clients as well.

Kristina - This is really sweet. I will definitely read the whole story! :)

capturing the moment - Aw so cute!!:)

Sandra Davis - Awww this is so sweet!!!! Love it!

patty - Beautiful story and a great deal!

Perth Newborn Photographer - Beautiful photos xx

Huong Forrest - What a great session idea, Audrey!!! I wish we were a tiny bit closer to you!

Natalie - Awesome session idea!! And you can’t leave us hanging…ER on the first date?! What’s the story behind that?

Jason - Great photos, awesome session plan, should be a hit!

audreyc - I promise to tell the full ER/First date story soon! I will even include photos :)

Christine - Oooh, can’t wait to read the ER first date story!! Love this idea for a session :)

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