These photos are for your kids. When they are 30 and are thinking back to their childhood, I want them to be able to pick up a worn album and look at photos like this. Moments captured in time that are glimpses of what life was actually like. Photos of the front of your house, of your dog, the kitchen table where you shared all your meals. Mom and dad in their “cozy” clothes, you know, the clothes you throw on when you get home from a long day. The expressions and interactions between everybody, the beautiful things that seem so everyday and ordinary that many times we miss how priceless they are until they’re gone. I want to capture the kiddos running around in their diapers, their favorite toys, where everybody sat at the table and playing hide and seek in your yard. These photos aren’t your “Pinterest perfect” photos where mom’s in makeup and all the kids are smiling…because let’s be honest, that’s not what our lives looks like. Because in all honesty, they are way more beautiful. These are the photos that you can feel, and it’s my heart to capture these for you.

The Breakfast Session | 595 

-From the Kids waking up till after lunch [ or from 3pm until 8pm] ~5 hours photo-journalistic coverage
-Includes all high-resolution digitals with printing rights
-Beautiful Online Gallery in Storytelling form & Digital Photo Delivery

These are brand new sessions that we are offering as of May 2017. Eventually we hope to add in a full-day session! Please contact (me) Audrey here to book a session!